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Spring is Finally Here.!

Core Aeration

-Allows moisture to get down past the thatch layer (a small amount of thatch is good), This helps promote a more drought and weed resistant lawn. -The plugs pulled out are left on the surface of the lawn to break down. When these plugs/cores break down they help populate the thatch layer with millions of soil microbes that help biodegrade the thatch naturally.(an extra fee will be charged if you want these plugs removed) -Can be done multiple times a year, best time is late Spring and early fall. Not ideal for Rocky ground, or areas with heavy tree roots near the surface. The soil should be moist but not wet.

Power Raking/De-Thatching

-Recommended in early spring... Most places local to Alberta recommend waiting until Early May. This gives the grass a chance to recover before our more extreme weather in July. -Only beneficial for thatch that has been built up over 1/2". A small amount of thatch is good, as it acts like a natural mulch, helping to reduce moisture loss and soil temperature fluctuations. - Excessive thatch provides an ideal habitat for insects and disease and reduces the effectiveness of watering, and any fertilizer and pest control. Good to combine with over seeding, and core aeration.

Start the Season off Right.!

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Spring Service Pricing

Spring Pricing Individual

Spring Service Packages

Spring Pricing Packages

About Power Raking

Power raking removes the layer of thatch between your soil and grass that can accumulate during winter. Power raking can be stressful to lawns, it’s best to do this only when the thatch gets thicker and visible. Thatch can then allow the grass to grow roots in the thatch rather than the soil.

About Aeration

Aeration is simply using a coring tool to create holes in the soil and then distribute the cored plugs to the surface so they can breakdown and release nutrients back into your lawn.
Aeration also improves soil drainage and encourages the presence of worms and microorganisms. The best time to aerate your lawn is as soon as the soil is thawed, or anytime your lawn seems unhealthy. Aeration provides benifits to traffic areas that are compacted and to clay-heavy soils that could benefit from occasional aeration, allowing the grass to breathe.

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Garden Bed and Shrub Maintenance

About Bed and Shrub Maintenance

Sometimes having a beautiful garden and shrub bed can be overwhelming and difficult to understand which plants and shrubs will thrive in certain areas as opposed to others. Urban lawn has the experience and gardening expertise and passion to lend a hand and get your bed on the right track, or simply maintain your bed as a complete hands off approach for you.
-Full planting and shrub delivery and we pick and supply
-You select from the nursery, we pick up, deliver and plant
-Full seasonal maintenance packages available(rate will vary as garden beds are all unique)
-Edge cleanup and pruning
-Weeding and tilling to add aeration to the soil
-Mulch replenishing and replacing (or cultivation of mulch to clean it up for the season)
-Soil Amendments and/or fertilizer -Light shaping and pruning of trees and shrubs.
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Summer Pricing

Summer Pricing

About Summer Services

Summer is an important time of year to maintain your lawn. Letting it grow out of control can irreversably damage the rootmat.
We offer weekly contract rates so you can relax and let someone else care for your lawn.
Grass can grow quite fast in the summer and its easy for a lawn to get away on you and easy to cut it too short allowing the rootmat to be exposed to the heat and sun, and although proper and frequent cutting will stimulate root growth, cutting more than once a week can sometimes be too often.
The wrong fertilizer can also cause burning during the summer heat especially during dry stretches.
Not everyone has time to properly maintain their lawn in the summer and that is where Urban Lawn can help. Packages available for Realtors and Builders

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Hardscape Cleaning Services

About Pre-Cast Concrete Sealing

Made to last and endure time, Paving Stones and precast concrete products have one flaw, porosity. They can and will absorb liquids and stain. Efflorescence (milky white film/dust) is also an un-avoidable by-product of precast products being exposed to excess moisture causing a chemical reaction that releases sodium to the surface. Fortunately, the Hardscape industry recognizes this and has many quality products to help clean various types of stains and spills. Urban Lawn maintains industry and manufacturers certifications to help us ensure that we can offer the best solution to any project.

Paver and Precast Sealing Services

Sealing of Paving Stones and Precast products has several benefits. On new installations, sealing products will protect the porous nature of the precast products so any subsequent spills will not penetrate the concrete. On existing installations, after they have been cleaned, sealing them will help to renew the original look and protect them. On all installations, new or existing, Sealers also allow an option of adding a finish. From a "Flat matte" look to a "Wet Look" and a Semi-Gloss" that can really make the colors of darker pavers pop out to define borders and accents in inlays and patterns.

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Fall Pricing

Fall Pricing

About Fall Services

Fall brings a change of needs to your lawn and landscaping. Grass growth slows and slowly goes dormant with winter coming. Fall fertilization can be a critical component of a healthy lawn providing nutrients that will make your lawn stronger for the cold winter ahead and a big dose of essential nutrients to store for when they’re needed most: the spring growing season. Not only will that lead to a thicker, lusher lawn, but your grass will green up earlier by as many as 2 to 6 weeks!
Aeration in the fall becomes especially beneficial when applying fall fertilizer to your lawn.
Leaf and debris removal is also an important service Urban Lawn provides. Access accumulations can harm your lawn and slow the growth rate in the Spring. Although not benificial to leave on your lawn, leaves can provide a great blsnket of nutrients for your garden beds in the winter. Urban will ensure your yard is winterized the way you want.

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Winter Pricing

About Winter Services

Winter can be a very interesting season in the foothills. Unexpected snowfalls and unexpected accumulations can leave us scrambling in our daily routines and we may not always have time to remove snow from Sidewalks and Driveways.
Some instances where snow is not removed within 24 hours may have you breaking the law.
There are also legal implications to consider as well.
- Liability issues for slip and fall
-Accidental slips and fall for family members
-Fines from the City of Calgary
-A general appearance of a neglected property
Urban Lawn offers Residential snow removal services that will leave your property cleared snow and ice keeping it safe for family and visitors and keeping your driveway clear for access. Contact Urban Lawn for Pricing on your winter snow removal needs.

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About Urban Lawn

Urban Lawn is a Division of VighCon Ltd. A leading proffesional in the Landscape and Hardscape industry serving the Calgary area.
The creation of Urban Lawn was driven through years of client feedback and requests to provide follow-up maintenance services to our Landscape and Hardscape projects upon completion.
Urban Lawn offers a full suite of maintenace solutions for both Softscaped and Hardscaped surfaces.
From Lawn Care and Shrub and Flower Bed Maintenance to Cleaning and Sealing of Paving Stone and Precast Concrete products.
-Cleaning and Sealing of your Hardscape Surfaces can bring old faded and oil stained patio's to life again.
- Efflorecence removal of that Ugly cloudy white film on your pavers and Blocks
- Clean oil and food stains from BBQ areas
Urban Lawn has a solution for Lawn Maintenance and Hardscape Cleaning your needs.

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At Urban Lawn, the person you contact will most likely be the person doing the work you require. Online booking systems are convenient, but at Urban lawn its more than landing the job, it is more about connecting with our clients to ensure every expectation is understood and met, and to create a relationship of reliability. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your needs in an honest, reliable and professional manner.
Contact Urban Lawn today and one of our trusted team members will be happy to assist you and your needs.

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